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The On Track Foundation is a UK based charity of which purpose is to promote wildlife conservation and engage with projects that protect threatened species. It is primarily funded by On Track Safaris Ltd company that believes tourism must support conservation. The On Track Foundation provides research grants, wildlife education and landowner support but its main project is the Ingwe Leopard Research.

Marine Servonnat has a MSc in Conservation and restoration of biodiversity – University of Antwerp, Belgium. She has developped and managed research and conservation projects in four countries (Greece, Philippines, South Africa and Botswana) across three different biomes – the Mediterranean Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the African savannah.

After working first as a conservation ecologist and then as a camp manager in the Okavango Delta, Marine decided to create of bridge between those two worlds. She wishes to witness the safari industry and the academic field working hand in hand to support conservation organisations.

With the On Track Foundation, the opportunity came to lead a conservation project on the leopard – her favourite species -  currently classified as Vulnerable with a decreasing population according to the IUCN red list.

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Bridging the gap between the safari industry and conservation organisations by promoting citizen science to enhance leopard research in South Africa.


Project manager & conservation ecologist